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Software Development

GWS experience and services cover the development of Web applications for most types of  web browsers and across both major technology platforms.

We have a strong focus on solving your business problems rather than dazzling you with technical or complicated solutions. You will be engaged through the development and delivery of the project to ensure that what you require is delivered, on-time and on-budget.

Why develop with GWS?

– Provide a web based solution for high compatibility with a number of desktop platforms internationally.

– Provide a highly available and reliable web based application with in excess of 99.9% uptime capabilities

– Provide consistent, simple navigation tools to allow users to learn to navigate and use site functionality quickly and easily, and to rapidly re-use the site each time they visit

– Provide a secure system providing strong user authentication for three different levels of user, plus safeguards where possible against malicious attacks

– Provide a mandated strategy for the backup and maintenance of the site on an ongoing basis

– Provide a system which clearly delineates and manages the ownership of its data, assigning rights of access and modification based on user and organisation unit roles

– Provide a modular and expandable framework which can be enhanced, maintained and upgraded over time without the need to re-implement the application. 

– Provide code which uses the latest technologies to effectively future proof the application to the greatest degree possible.

– Provide interactive and on-line help facilities and context specific user guidance to assist the user in navigating and using the site’s features.

– Provide simple and intuitive interfaces based on existing real-world business practices to ensure the end user learning curve is smooth and easily conquered.

– Support international clients by using simplified terms and navigation.  The assumption is that the user interface will be offered in English only in version 1 of the solution.

– Provide for a suite of reports to allow data to be extracted and manipulated from the system.

– Provide for printing services within key areas of the application to allow hardcopy to be generated from the system for the purposes of archiving, filing and distribution.

– Provide the ability to upload, store, manage and manipulate external documents from such sources as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, NotePad.

– Provide the ability to import data in specific formats from Excel documents.

– Provide for a branded solution adopting the look and feel of the GCS brand and maintaining this look and feel through all user screens.

– Support the widest range of browsers possible given the functional and technical requirements of the solution.

– Provide a comprehensive search functionality in context of the current user screen activities.

– Provide for workflow and automation capabilities for defined processes, allowing for escalation and notification of issues over defined time periods.

– Provide an administrative interface to allow the management of key system configuration and settings and to maintain such data as reference types, escalation chains of command, routing chains for requests from specific users or organisational units, and maintain authorised users.

– Provide ongoing support services for users of the solution.

– Provide training for identified key staff in the use and management of the system.

– Provide migration services to allow existing data from GCS to be migrated into the system.